Are you a company or recruiter looking to test your team or job candidates?

We’re building just the product for you!

With our tests, you’ll be able to properly assess the skills right across all data roles, including data analysts, data scientists, data engineers and more!


Efficiently and fairly assess your job candidates or current team members
Save wasted time interviewing unsuitable candidates
Get a clear picture of each candidate’s technical ability across 10 core areas
Benchmark all the candidates against a unique dataset of other test takers
Customise the tests to suit your team’s needs and your technology stack
Identify potential stars quickly to expedite them through your recruitment process
Help eliminate unconscious bias in your process with a fair and robust skills based assessment
Promote diversity by focusing recruitment on fair, skills-based assessments
Suitable for internal or external recruiters

Our B2B product is currently in development, releasing in late June 2019. Please register your interest here and you’ll be the first to know once it’s released: